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About SeattleTechCalendar

SeattleTechCalendar is a public service for the Seattle Tech community, created and managed by Roy Leban. It's sole purpose is to be a calendar for the community. It's companion site, SeattleTechWiki, is the shared, community-owned wiki for the Seattle-area high-tech community.

What's on here?

Events that are relevant to Seattle's technology community. this means they are:

Some events are free, some cost money, and some may be limited to members of specific organizations. The events come from community organizations and you should contact those organizations for additional information, where necessary.

SeattleTechCalendar does not plan, promote, manage, or host any events of its own.

What's not on here?

The calendar does not include: non-local events, virtual events, classes, events for non-tech people (even if involving technology), non-tech events. In addition, this calendar will generally not include events that are of general interest but are not specific to the Seattle Tech community.

Examples of inappropriate events: non-local events, virtual events, classes, events for non-tech people (even if involving technology), non-tech events. For example, events for bloggers, Twitter users, or the users of any technology, where the users can be pretty much anyone, are inappropriate. Including those events would overwhelm the calendar.

To keep the calendar from growing too large, events that recur more often than once a week, as well as events from companies and organizations that have many events every week are not added to the calendar (however, if they are otherwise appropriate, these events can be added to the recurring events page and/or we can add a link to such an external calendar).

How do I add my events?

It's easy. Just send an event invitation to By event invitation, we mean a calendar invite, from Outlook, Google Calendar, or some other application or system that supports sending calendar invite. We will accept the invitation to make the event appear on the calendar and your event will normally appear on the calendar within 24 hours. Please do not send an email message instead as we cannot turn it into a calendar event.

When you create an event, we would appreciate it if you put the most important information first, starting with the prefix for your organization, if applicable, so that people using the calendar can see at a glance which events they are interested in. Check out existing events on the calendar to see how this is done and the partner information page for a list of prefixes.

NOTE: Please do not send invitations from online systems like eVite and EventBrite. These services do not send meeting invitations -- they send email with a link to a web page, requiring us to manually copy and paste your event details. Frequently, the event is sent without any way for us to contact you if we need to ask questions. To save us time and ensure that your event appears correctly, please send a meeting invitation from Outlook, Google Calendar, or some other calendar service or program.

If you are an organization that has regular, appropriate events, you can become a partner organization, which will allow you to put your events directly on the calendar and edit them at any time. It takes only a few minutes to get set up. For more information, see the partner information page.

Who owns the calendar?

You do! The community owns the calendar. Although Roy Leban created and manages the calendar, neither Roy nor any other individual decides which events are appropriate. All submitted events which meet the minimal requirements above will appear on the calendar.

This calendar will work best if event planners and managers are active in adding content that is of interest to the community and self-censor inappropriate content. If disputes arise, the community will be polled and, if necessary, the requirements will be revised.

Is the calendar copyrighted?

The content of individual calendar items may be copyrighted by the original authors or contributing partners. Submission of an item to the calendar is a grant of a limited, non-exclusive license to any such content to the calendar and its licensees. The collected content on SeattleTechCalendar is copyrighted and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States license. Subject to this license, you may freely reuse the content elsewhere.
Creative Commons License

Any site, including commercial sites, may reuse the content by embedding the SeattleTechCalendar widget. Use of the widget is an explicit exception to the standard license agreement. See below for information on easily embedding the calendar on your web site.

Who are the partners?

Partners are organizations with events that agree to add and manage their own events on SeattleTechCalendar.

Who are the sponsors?

Sponsors are the individuals, companies, or organizations who make SeattleTechCalendar possible, primarily through donations of time. As SeattleTechCalendar is not a money-making venture, there are no plans to have paid sponsorships.

Can I have the events appear on my own calendar?

Many calendar systems support linking to external calendars. To facilitate this, the calendar is available in both XML and iCalendar format. Right-click on the icon and copy to get the appropriate URL.

Instructions for Google Calendar: Right-click on the ICAL icon to copy the URL. In Google Calendar, click on the Add button in the Other Calendars section, and choose Add by URL. Paste in the iCalendar URL and click the Add button.

Instructions for Outlook 2007: Click here. Click Yes to subscribe the the feed. You may need to verify that calendars are in your default Send/Receive group. For earlier versions of Outlooks, some plug-ins are available, including ICS4OL and RemoteCalendars.

Instructions for feed readers: If your browser is configured to activate RSS feeds, just click on the XML icon. Otherwise, right-click on the XML icon to copy the URL, then paste it into your feed reader.

We recommend that you link to this calendar rather than importing events from it. Importing events invariably leads to duplicate events and other problems. We also strongly recommend that you not import events from this calendar to any other public calendar, and you must not import events from this calendar to any public commercial calendar (see above for copyright and license information). If your public calendar cannot link to this calendar, we recommend using the calendar widget and/or providing a link to on your web page.

Can I have a calendar widget on my site?

Yes. Copy the following script code and put it on your site.

    <script src=""></script>

This will give you a widget that looks like this:

You can supply parameters to the script:

heightheight in pixels or "100%" to scale with container (default is 245)
widthwidth in pixels or "100%" to scale with container (default is 240)
modeAGENDA, MONTH, or WEEK (default is AGENDA)
showNavSpecify to show month left/right date navigation buttons
showPrintSpecify to show Print button
showTabsSpecify to show Week/Month/Agenda tabs
includeSee below

For example:

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

Can I merge my own calendar into the widget?

Yes, if your calendar is supported by Google Calendar. Use the include parameter to specify the calendar. The format is:


The color is a 6-digit hex color without the # character. Apparently, only the colors below are supported by Google in the calendar widget. Note: seattletechcalendar events use color 336668.

CC3333 DD4413 994499 6633CC 336699 336668 22AA99
329262 109F18 66AA00 AAAA11 D6AE00 EE8800 DD5511
A87070 8C6D8C 627487 7083A8 5C8D87 898951 B08B59

Contact for additional assistance.

Do I have to use the widget?

We recommend it, but you can write your own code if you want or do it some other way. We recommend the widget because it keeps things consistent from site to site, plus it makes it easier if we make some behind-the-scenes change that affect how the calendar and widget work. If the widget is missing some feature you want, let us know. If you don't use the widget, please let us know that and we'll keep you apprised of any changes that we make.

Note that you must use the widget on commercial sites.