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Partner Information

This page describes what you need to do to be a partner of SeattleTechCalendar. For a list of current partners, see the partners page. For a full list of all organizations referenced on SeattleTechCalendar, see the groups page. Everything on this page, except those things dictated by the implementation of the calendar, is open for discussion among the community, including both partners and users.

Who can be a partner:

It's pretty simple. To be a partner of SeattleTechCalendar, an organization must:

Examples of inappropriate events: non-local events, virtual events, classes, events for non-tech people (even if involving technology), non-tech events. For example, events for bloggers, Twitter users, or the users of any technology, where the users can be pretty much anyone, are inappropriate. Including those events would overwhelm the calendar.

Some SeattleTechCalendar partners hold both appropriate and inappropriate events. In this case, only the appropriate events are added to SeattleTechCalendar.

Becoming a partner:

To become a partner, contact with the following information:

Your account:

The calendar data is hosted using Google Calendar's service, so you will login to a Google account to edit it.

If you have questions, send email to and we will help you.

Getting set up:

Normally, the calendar is automatically added to your Google calendar when we invite you. If it is not:

Note: You can add the SeattleTechCalendar to any Google Calendar, but you can only edit from authorized email addresses. If you need to use additional or different email addresses from the ones that we have authorized, please send email to


Recurring events:

Preferred event format: